Saturday, January 12, 2013

Group Swap - Vix from Philippines

Continuing with the lighthouse theme....This card was sent to me as part of the group swap I participated in on "12-12-12". Vix lives in Bulacan, Philippines and was paired up in my group. I cannot say enough about how well organized this swap was. Monique really took time to give each group a really nice mixture of people (and therefore countries) to swap with. Vix sent this card of Basco Lighthouse. I included the write up on the back of the card as that is where the cancellation is. The mark is a little light and in red, while it may not show up well in the scan it is most definitely there. Vix wrote that the Jeepney shown in the picture is one of the most famous symbols of her country and she rides one every day. Looks fun!

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