Thursday, May 10, 2012

Direct Swap - Cherilyn from Canada

So I've written many times how I think Postcrossing helps to make the world a smaller and smilier place and how I find how the interconnectedness of it all really fascinating. Here is one to help prove my point.

I was browsing the gallery one day and saw some lovely Inuit print postcards such as this. I used to be a docent at my former employers Inuit Art Gallery and thought it would be nice to have some cards like this to send. I got in touch with the sender to see where she purchased them. Cherilyn got back to me telling me where - Art Gallery of Ontario. She then asked if I would like to swap. You know me, I said yes. Nothing earth shattering yet.

While we were exchanging addresses and I learnt her last name it came to light that she is the mother of a girl I used to hang out with during the summer of middle school at our local pool. Hadn't seen the girl in easily 30 years but she had such a unique last name I knew they had to be related somehow. She put me in touch with her daughter via e-mail and we got caught up on our lives and relived a few summer memories when "we were all that" LOL! Again, what are the odds of all that - can't believe how small this world can be if you let it!

This card came in the mail shortly after and is of the print by Ruth Annaqtuusi Tulurialik's work titled On The Land. If this was part of my tour I could talk about it for quite some time - it is a great piece!


  1. Such a great story an a great postcard and work of art. I never knew you were a docent? I never knew you were once employed :P

    1. Yes, RPaul I was a volunteer docent for almost 10 years. You know me, always the keener. Surprisingly, I was employed for 18.8 years before I retired. Obviously, being a docent wasn't a game changer when they decided to let me go LOL! There is always more for you to learn about me :P Stay tuned for more :P !!!


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