Wednesday, May 2, 2012

OFFICIAL Card - Finland

The kids have started sending cards again so while there has been activity in our mailbox until today it hasn't been for me. This gem comes from Pirkko in Finland. How sweet is this little girl! The card reminds me of my daughter at that age which was only a few years ago. What I like is the printed statement on the back of the card - "Greeting from the snowy fairy-tale forest" - that just sounds so dreamy. Pirkko also mentions this girl is from Lapland.  The card definitely received some travel lines on its way to me which in this case is unfortunate as it is right across the main attraction! You can see it here before it left Finland - thank you Pirkko for scanning!


  1. I love the clothing. What a fun stamp. Wonder what the story is behind the hippo and the dragonflies.

    1. It is a Finnish series called "Moomins". Many Postcrossers collect cards with these drawings on them. While cute and whimisical not my style of card. The odd stamp or two though does make me smile :)


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