Thursday, May 24, 2012

Direct Swap - Karli from Canada

At the beginning of the month I figured if I wanted to build my collection of provincial maps I had to start doing something about it. I started to surf the gallery hoping to find some and more importantly to find someone who was willing to trade. Karli lives in Saskatchewan and had this great card posted. She agreed to swap with me within about 30 minutes of me sending her a message - sweet! I was delighted when it came yesterday. It is a nice map with lots of "extras" - the flag, flower and various wildlife that can be found there. There is even a Mountie as the RCMP Museum is in Regina. Then to top it off, check out the hand cancellation - Love, Saskatchewan - is that not the sweetest postal stamp going?!? Thanks again Karli for helping to build my collection.


  1. Do you have a NS map one? I could look around...

    1. No, I don't - you are too good to me :)


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