Friday, May 11, 2012

Random Act of Smiliness - Eileen from England

I literally squealed when I received this card yesterday.

It is a card from the 3rd International London meet-up held on May 5, 2012. Eileen made this card specially for the event. On the Postcrossing Forum from time to time people plan to get together to meet. (Hence the term meet-up LOL!) I think the best way to describe it having never gone to one is they meet to share the hobby with others who appreciate and understand it, maybe shop for cards and/or trade them and basically just have fun! (Unlike my husband who I tried to explain why I was so excited about this card and just totally didn't get it at all!) Another thing that often happens (I think) is postcards are signed by each person for them to send out in the future.

So, why did I squeal? First, this is the first card I received from a meet-up. It was signed by 19 Postcrossers. I had received a card from Eileen and one other person who signed before. It was neat to see some of them have little stickers or rubber stamps made up with their user names and others just sign. Second, Eileen sent it to me "just because". She sent me a wonderful card in April and we had a bit of correspondence after that but for me this was a very unexpected and wonderful surprise. Third, the meet-up was Saturday and I have it in my hot little hands on Thursday. Crazy fast. Fourth, the stamps Eileen used and even the fact she had my address printed out on a sticker just brought all my postcard geekiness to a new level! Lastly, until I got the mail I was having a not so hot day so this really did put a smile on my face. I guess that is why it is a "random act of smiliness".

Once again another feel good story brought to me through postcards.

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