Thursday, May 3, 2012


Only one new card in the mail for me today but wowza does this card have it all! Nick, a librarian from Maryland sent me this card which has a little bit of everything - an outline map, state flag, seal, flower and bird plus some fantastic views of his home state including the Maryland State House (the oldest state capitol in continuous legislative use). I have never been to Maryland but my Dad spent a lot of time there on business when I was young. I remember him bringing me a t-shirt once which I wore all the time that said "Maryland is for crabs" with a big crab on it. Wouldn't be caught wearing it now but I thought it was cool then, '70's fashion I guess! Nick also tells me he makes stuffed animals as seen here which are pretty funky if you ask me. Add in that super new cherry blossom stamp and I got a lot of (my kind of geeky) goodness out of this one card - thanks Nick!

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