Wednesday, May 2, 2012

OFFICIAL Card - China

I received this card from Nevis a 15 year old Postcrosser who lives in China. This card in the scan may not look like much but is one that really touched me. It literally is a photo that she taped a piece of paper to on the back and wrote to me. I repeat taped not glued. To think that this journeyed over 11,000 kms to me in one piece is amazing (and in only 20 days no less!). She wrote to me saying it was difficult to find scenery cards in her city so that is why she has sent me this. The photo is of the "eastest" island in the whole of China that people live on and it is located in southeast China, but she does not say it's name. A little rough on the corners and a few blemishes but it sure found it's way to a good home. Also, it's been a few days since I've posted a bird stamp - yeah! In the scan of the stamp you can see the funky tape she used.

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