Tuesday, May 8, 2012

OFFICIAL Card - China

Xiao Meng from Beijing, China sent me this card last May. It was my first received card from China. First official that is - my sister sent me one when we travelled there together - save that post for another day!  According to the back of the card this is a famous painting by Wu Changshuo done in 1899. She wrote that she was listening to music and is busy studying for University entrance exams. She also translated my name for me into characters and tells me it is really nice - lucky me!


  1. Isn't that Bok Choy? lol! Funny.
    I'd love to be able to understand the characters..

    1. You know what I think it is bok choy LOL! I never really saw that until you said it, kind of just looked like a bunch of flourishes to me! This is another one of those looking to get transalted when I "have more time" projects.

      Hope you are enjoying your Mother's Day :)


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